It was not that long ago (fine, maybe a year or so, but I always have a delayed reaction to events) that there was a “Rhodes Must Fall” movement across the universities of Oxford and Cape Town. Phrases such as “Institutional Racism” and “Decolonising Education” were being bandied about amongst the general vibe of protest. […]

The massacre in France was chilling. I was having a [long overdue] relaxing Friday evening when I heard about it. On hearing it, a part of me immediately thought: “It’s time for all these Western powers to blow the crap out these ISIS motherfuckers. We need to act quickly and decisively again before more of these […]

I watched American Sniper on the plane a few months ago, and actually wrote this a while ago, but oh well. Initially (actually I still think it is), I thought it was a brilliant movie – from the perspective of a real soldier, and not in an overromanticised way of war or something like that. Although […]

I really don’t understand how some blogs are Freshly Pressed. Seriously, some of them suck and would have been covered in red ink had my high-school English teacher seen them. The above is an excellent example of what  I (and I’m sure many others) use as an excuse for our lack of achievement (or underachievement, […]

When I was still in high school, my English teacher often made feminist remarks such as “You don’t know ….” I never really understood what she was on about and honestly didn’t really care much. Maybe it was because I went to an all-boys school and did not get sufficient feminine social interaction once my […]

Disclaimer: This is an essay that I wrote quite a while ago and decided to share my ideas and research. Don’t simply copy this and hand it in as your own. Other than the fact that piracy is morally incorrect, this essay got quite a good mark for the level it was written for and […]

Armstrong still has support

I first read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography when I was in Grade 5, and even though I was not interested in cycling or knew anyone suffering from cancer, I was inspired by the man who was then the god of cycling. What seemed even more inspiring was how he dismissed the widespread accusations of him doping […]