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Technology – The Bane of Modern Existence

Disclaimer: This is an essay that I wrote quite a while ago and decided to share my ideas and research. Don’t simply copy this and hand it in as your own. Other than the fact that piracy is morally incorrect, this essay got quite a good mark for the level it was written for and […]

Armstrong still has support

It’s Not About the Bike … or the Dope

I first read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography when I was in Grade 5, and even though I was not interested in cycling or knew anyone suffering from cancer, I was inspired by the man who was then the god of cycling. What seemed even more inspiring was how he dismissed the widespread accusations of him doping […]

Kidnap fail

I Kidnapped Madeline McCann

No, I didn’t really kidnap Madeline McCann – just in case Interpol or somebody comes chasing me know, although I doubt that since I doubt anyone is actually going to read this and some Interpol chiefs like Jackie Selebi don’t exactly give a good name to the organisation. For some reason, I just randomly thought […]