I could do this if I really wanted to …

I really don’t understand how some blogs are Freshly Pressed. Seriously, some of them suck and would have been covered in red ink had my high-school English teacher seen them.

I would have been Freshly Pressed by now if I wanted to ... I just liked sleeping more

I would have been Freshly Pressed by now if I wanted to … I just liked sleeping more

The above is an excellent example of what  I (and I’m sure many others) use as an excuse for our lack of achievement (or underachievement, or whatever you want to call it). I mean, getting Freshly Pressed just means that I actually have to blog every day. All I need to do is to just blog every day. That is so easy right?  It is obvious that I am a blog-maestro – just look at how many followers I have on my home page. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t put it up in case you count the number on your fingers.

I remember being infuriated by this “I-can-do-it-if-I-tried” attitude from my friends on many occasions. It was usually there means of saying, “you beat me in this test because you studied and I didn’t.”  And depending on self-esteem at that moment, “I am actually smarter than you”

I don’t know all that much about success, but from what I do know, natural ability is not just enough. To really have mastered something, you need to prove yourself over and over again. And you need to have the will to improve yourself each time you do it. Ever heard of the “New Radicals”? They made a song I liked, I googled for others and I realised that there was only one. Or have you heard of Marat Safin, he beat Roger Federer to the Australian Open once. Federer did it about half a dozen times.

It is often relatively easy to get a small dose of success (like a “like” on a blog post). To the slackers or those with inflated egos, it seems a confirmation of their amazing ability. To the real maestros, it just wets their appetites for the challenges that the finer details present.

The problem is that we are usually unaware of what we do not know. Before many an exam, I knew the sections that I did not understand well. But that was only because I had at least glossed over the material. But when you are too lazy to even attempt something, there is really no limit to your stupidity and ignorance.


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