Paris Attacks – It’s About Me

The massacre in France was chilling. I was having a [long overdue] relaxing Friday evening when I heard about it. On hearing it, a part of me immediately thought: “It’s time for all these Western powers to blow the crap out these ISIS motherfuckers. We need to act quickly and decisively again before more of these atrocities can occur”

And no matter what angle I look at this from, the murder of more than a hundred innocent (I’m not saying all French people are saints, but they didn’t exactly deserve to die in cold blood like that) civilians is an atrocity that cannot be forgotten or excused.

But then again, this isn’t the first time ISIS has killed innocent civilians. They’ve killed way more people in Syria and Lebanon as well. But as the news anchor said on BBC Radio, this is ISIS’s first attack in the “civilised world” (That made me cringe, based on my previous post)

So I mean, I kind of know about the attacks in Syria – Ok fine, I don’t know much except the fact that the place is so fucked up now that people are emigrated en masse out of there into Europe (while neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia do nothing).

But my point is that it was only the attack on France that really evoked a strong emotional response. I mean, I know that there have been far worse ISIS attacks, but this is the one that got me. And judging how much the world cares about current affairs according to whether there is a Facebook filter for it, I’d say that I am not the only one who has only started caring about ISIS now that they attacked Europe.

You know it’s important when there’s a Facebook filter for it … And when everybody’s showing solidarity, there is no way that you can not do the same …

So why is it only the France attack that perplexes me? I guess at the end of the day, I am a deeply self-centred human being that, for the most part, does not seem to affected by the suffering of others (like all the refugees in Syria and Lebanon who have had to put up with this ISIS terrorism for a lot longer. Or the Israelis and Palestinians who have been embroiled in a conflict which has been going on since as far back as I can remember, but I still cannot properly explain what it’s all about).

So in me-centric view of the world, I guess I was affected by the bombing in France because I can actually envisage having to go there for work. And the fact that I actually want to visit France as a tourist and explore its history and culture. I mean, I have never had any dreams of going to Syria or Palestine – is that why I don’t care about it?

I always wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower – now I ‘m going to think twice about setting foot in France. Now I can totally understand why I am so sad about this ISIS attack

Thinking of myself in this light is quite galling – is this something that I can change? Is this something that I should change? If this is just an inherent part of my personality, maybe I should just try to understand it? Are humans (I don’t think I am the only this applies to) inherently self-centred and selfish? Am I a “bad person” for only thinking about myself and not others? – “Doing no evil”, is not the same thing as “preventing evil from happening to others”

The most humanitarian thing I have ever done is probably to read and watch movies about humanitarians (I watched a movie about Christina Noble not that long ago).

So I am a self-centred, compassionless individual. I’d hazard that I am not the only one. I somehow doubt that this is a personality trait that can be easily changed. I guess this is something important to understand about myself, as well as the other people I interact with.


K. Thanks for reading. Goodbye


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