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Armstrong still has support

It’s Not About the Bike … or the Dope

I first read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography when I was in Grade 5, and even though I was not interested in cycling or knew anyone suffering from cancer, I was inspired by the man who was then the god of cycling. What seemed even more inspiring was how he dismissed the widespread accusations of him doping […]

The Theatrics of Football continue – First diving and now Racism

A few years ago, diving became the latest fad in football as some players started using their theatrical skills (which were better than their ball skills) to try and score goals. Now the vogue is to accuse your superior counterpart of racism after the match – ask Luis Suarez, John Terry and Fabio Capello. Football […]


At the end of every year, a new FIFA is released and more often than not, this new FIFA has simply been the previous one with better graphics and a new gimmick or two. FIFA11 bucked this trend and actually made significant changes and FIFA12 has made even more improvements – so much so, that […]